Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Robbie Moment #8762536

Funny Story...I started a new blog somewhere but I don't remember the address or the name of it. :-)
I'm not even sure what I wanted to blog about that I wanted to keep secret. lol
yep, God can use the least of these. He calls me Chosen. It's incredible, really. :')
I am trying to see myself as Chosen instead of the word I have been using forever, Repellent.
He loves me. He loves you. He IS Love.

You know when you first start going out with someone and that person is all you think about and all you talk about? I don't ever want to get tired of talking about Jesus. God, Holy Spirit. I want to stay AMAZED at all the small things and the big things but knowing that even the biggest things are still so small to Him. I want to be a prisoner of Hope. Faith small as a mustard seed that tells mountains to be cast into the sea and they move. I want to fully say " Yes, God, Whatever you ask, I'll do it." I really do but something holds me back. What is it? Fear? Pride? I have no room to be prideful. I am only redeemed through Him. He waited so patiently for me. He watched me go through so much. How I broke His heart while He waited and yet, the WHOLE time, He loved me. He just wanted me to rest, in Him, with Him and just Be, the me He created.
I want to be ALL IN .I hope ALL IN happens on this side of Heaven.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Living Acts

Acts 3:16
By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has completely healed him, as you can all see.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some Life Chapters

 Yes, it has been a while and I thought I would WOW you with some super impressive (not!) photos ;)
I woke up at 5 this morning (it is, after all, Saturday SLEEP IN day.) and when I walked in our master bathroom and looked at these lonely toys on the tub I was filled with many emotions.
A mix of "wow, my baby is turning 9 in a month, these toys will never be played with again sadness" along with a kind of " whoo hoo, these toys can officially leave the bathroom."
The toys are currently taking a hot bleach bath in the kitchen sink before they take up their new residence in our living room for Precious Grandson to enjoy. ;)
 This was the view I was welcomed with when I came downstairs this morning and it actually made me happy realizing that even though the tub toys are retired, I still have plenty of playing left in our chapters of life.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

He says "I am near" through Beets and Ginger

I have a friend who is a doctor. A homeopathic doctor. I met her as a Zumba student but went to her for care. She recommended a cleansing smoothie that had beets and ginger in it. This was several years ago. I did purchase the beets and ginger years ago but....let's just say " It wasn't my time." :P

This doctor/friend of mine is a beautiful woman who I admire and I had told her months ago that we should get together on a Sunday morning (we both attend Saturday evening church) (yea, I haven't been in months...that's another story)

I have thought about the words I have said to her MANY times but any time I get a free Sunday morning, I want a FREE Sunday morning.

This morning, I had a notification from Pinterest (where I never go). I clicked on it and the first pin I saw was my daughter's, about juicing. The recipes looked pretty delicious so I messaged my daughter and said " I will totally do this with you!" well, one of the recipes asked for beets and ginger which made me think of my doctor friend so I messaged her to let her know that I do think of her and I realize that I am not nurturing my friendships by "wanting to keep my free time" but that she was on my mind (because of the beets and ginger).

About 8 hours later, she messaged me back saying that she believed that God had put her on my heart because her mom is dying ( I have seen pictures of her mom via Facebook and she is the most inspiring masterpiece of a woman I could meet through a picture. She exudes God's beauty and grace.) My friend said that me letting her know I was thinking of her let her know that God is near.

Do you know where I was when she messaged me? Walking out of Fresh Thyme with my beets and ginger.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


November became my favorite month.
I am looking back over the month in my calendar and I don't know how all those activities fit in 30 days! and I was sick sick for 6 of those 30 ( I am praising God that I feel great today because I never realize I feel okay until I feel lousy and while I felt lousy I wanted to remember to appreciate when I didn't anymore soooooo yea :P lol )
We are in Week 5 of the UNLGLUED Bible Study and aside from all the memory verses, I am caught up and still going. My insides feel like when you start to clean out a closet and it gets REEEEAL messy before it gets better!? yea, that happened. It took me through a depressed phase (it was also the week I was sick so that could have contributed) where I truly felt almost friendless and felt it was all my fault because I am the most NON CONFRONTATIONAL person I know and I guess I don't place enough value in relationships because I would truly rather let them fizzle and start new ones than talk about it. This is NOT the same as my dear friends who are going through different seasons in their life so we simply don't talk, due to timing ;D
(I didn't mean to go on that tangent but okay)
What made me fall in love with November life finally came together. "IT" clicked!
In the Bible study, we were supposed to share what we felt was our "impossible" in the time being. What we felt was impossible aside from God.
I threw a fit. I deleted the proof of the fit (because it is an online Bible study through FB) but I did indeed throw a fit. I admitted the MANY things God has brought me through and FOR THE LOVE! After surviving all these things my impossibles were cleaning, cooking and budgeting?????? SERIOUSLY?!
well, for the love, God stepped in, and said " honey, you have no chains, you are free, GO!" ok, I didn't hear Him say that , at all,but now that the month is over that is what I am paraphrasing because my sister, let me tell you, I am a different woman, living in the same 4 walls of a completely different home and I am HAPPY! (sing it... Clap Along if you feel...I make up my own words here....)
I have never been sad to say good bye to a month before, you know me! New months, new spaces on the calendar...and now that I have shared my love for November 2015, I am ready to greet December but oh, sweet November, Thank you.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Robbie Sometimes

If I were to change my name today, it would be Robbie Sometimes.

Sometimes I care, sometimes I don't.
Sometimes I almost get it together. LOL
Sometimes I forget the power available to me through the Holy Spirit and then Sometimes I remember and get all excited again. I don't know if Robbie Allthetime can be achieved on this side of Heaven but today, I will be hopeful because today is a One of those times. :P

Monday, December 29, 2014

Big Little Things that make me Grateful

It was time to fill out the renewal questionnaire for our insurance company.
Our 15 passenger van traveled 9,901 miles last year. The Passat traveled14,738 miles and Mike's baby Thunderbird went around our neighborhood 59 miles.

Funny how filling out a renewal questionnaire can suddenly make me grateful for our protection this year in nearly 25,000 miles of travel.

Thank you, God. :-)